RADIOGURU's Ten Commandments and Seven Deadly Sins
Here are the tips on what to do and what never to do - when you do radio advertising.

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Radioguru arbejder inden for to hovedområder:

October 2011
RADIOGURU Speaks in Helsinki

RadioMedia is the RAB of Finland and they made a tour in the creative agencies in October 2011 with RADIOGURU Palle Bo.

Managing Director, Stefan Möller explains:
- Many of the creative finds radio very challenging, both from a writing point of view as from a production point of view. Our creative agencies possess the whole range of knowledge in making radio. All from excellent to poor.

On the last day 500 people were invited to a big event in the brand new Helsinki Music Centre for networking and a speech on sound with Julian Treasure.  

October 2011

At the PRIX RADIO AWARDS in Copenhagen RADIOGURU cleans the table. Two awards were given out for the best radio commercials of the year. One for best national radio commercial and one for the best regional radio commercial.

September 2011
RADIOGURU Speaks in Stockholm

The Belgian sales organization VAR controls the sale of airtime for some of the biggest radio brands in Belgium.
They decided to bring the top copy writers and creative directors in the country to Stockholm, Sweden, and invited RADIOGURU, Palle Bo to join them for an inspirational lecture on how to write and produce better radio advertising - seen with Scandinavian eyes.

August 2011
RADIOGURU Podcast on Radio Advertising

I went to London to visit my old radio friend, Tony Hertz. He's one of the worlds most respected experts on radio advertising. Enjoy.

Listen here:


June 2011
RADIOGURU shortlisted to a Cannes Lion

A radio spot produced by RADIOGURU for TV2 Denmark was shortlisted in Cannes.
Danish director Janus Metz' controversial Afghan war documentary "Armadillo" took home the top prize from the Critics Week sidebar at the Cannes Film Festival 2010. When it was premiered on Danish TV the network took out an entire evening to debate the war, after the film. Mainly asking the question ‘Is the war worth the cost?’.
This radio commercial highlights the point that it’s very young boys that are sent to the war zone, that it’s somebody’s worried parent’s boys. And the fact that they grow up during their tour.

Download English translation.

April 2011
RADIOGURU Podcast on Radio Advertising

In the last of my four conversations from my recent trip to New York, I have a very interesting talk to Joe Barone from Bar1. He's also a multi award winner and has some interesting views on radio advertising.

Listen here:

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March 2011
Palle Bo in the Radio Advertising Grand Jury on The NYF.
The New York Festivals' World's Best Advertising™ has honored advertising in all media from over 70 countries for years.
Radio guru Palle Bo, Denmark has been invited to be part of the Grand Jury in the radio advertising category.
The Grand Juries consists of the most respected and award winning advertising and marketing people in the world.
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March 2011
NEW: RADIOGURU Podcast on Radio Advertising
Radio consultant Palle Bo now talks about how to write and produce better radio advertising.
However the first four will be different. They are recordings from a recent trip to New York, he did to check out the state of american radio advertising 2011. Can we still learn from the best in the US?
We meet Brian Klam from Flying Brick Radio.

Listen here:

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A chat with Jim Price of Oink Ink Radio.

Listen here:

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Conversation with Tony Menuto and Vicky Ferrero
of Sound Lounge / Radio Face.

Listen here:

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January 2010
25 Years With Radio
January 18th 1985 Palle Bo did his first radio show. It was on local radio in his hometown, Randers.
Since then he's been working with just about any side of the business specializing in radio advertising.
Today he's still going strong and recently moved studio and office to bigger, better facilities.

Maj 2009
Palle Bo Doing Session In Teheran, Iran
...on "The Second International Radio Forum", held May 18th - 20th. The topic is again how to emprove the quality of the radio commercials and promo spots. Also he's a part of a panel discussion on the challenges in new markets.

> More on the conference here

April 2009
Radioguru Palle Bo Booked to Speak at Radio Confence in Nuremberg, Germany
Palle Bo has been asked to speak on how to improve the quality of the radio commercials at the Local Broadcasting Conference Lokalrundfunktage 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany.
Since 1993, more than a thousand local broadcasting experts from all over Germany and other countries have met once a year for the Nuremberg Lokalrundfunktage, hosted by the BLM (Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien), the regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting in Bavaria. The conference is now organised by the BayMS (Bayerische Medien-Servicegesellschaft), a 100 per cent subsidiary of the BLM.
During the two days conference visitors from the radio and television sector are debating on the latest developments and trends in local broadcasting. The Conference offers about 20 workshops which will be dealing with relevant issues concerning the fields of programme, marketing and technology.
In addition, numerous companies in different domains of the media industry present their products and services at the exhibition of the fair.
The Local Broadcasting Conference will take place on the 7th and 8th of July in the CCN Ost within the Congress Centre in Nuremberg.
See more about the conference on

October 2008
Radioguru Scheduled To Do Workshops With Radio 538
The biggest Dutch radio station, Radio 538 has booked Radioguru Palle Bo to do a number of workshops for the sales team and selected clients in London late October.
The Workshops are about how to do better radio commercials.

Oktober 2008
Norwegian Radiostation Visited Radioguru
In early October the staff of Norwegian radio station Radio 102 went to Copenhagen to get coaching from Palle Bo on both programming and radio commercial production.
Managing Director Bernt Jaeger says:
Radio 102 had the pleasure of spending a day of traning with Palle Bo i Copenhagen.The seminar was both educational and entertaining for both the programming- and the sales staff. Already a week after the seminar we had done a number of emprovements because of the input we got on this day. I can really recommend this to other radio stations”.

June 2008
Palle Bo Booked to Speak in London.
Just after returning from India, Palle Bo was booked to speak at the 16th annual European radio conference, NAB in London in October 2008.
Palle Bo will do a hands-on crash course for the busy sales department on how to improve the quality of the radio commercials, entitled "Tell Your Clients to Stop Talking About Themselves". He will give you a concentrated shot of inspiration and a reminder about what radio does best, and you will learn why letting the advertisers just brag about themselves is a truly horrific idea.
You will also be given a wide range of practical tools, which will help the advertiser develop better and more efficient spots. In short you will learn how to produce radio commercials that sell and do not drive listeners away from the radio station.

See more about the conference on

March 2008
Palle Bo Booked to Speak in India.
India Radio Forum has asked Radioguru, Palle Bo to talk to the Indian radio community at the Indian radio conference that is held in Mubai May 30th this year.
Palle Bo will be doing two sessions. One on how to be a better presenter ’A Guide To Better Programming’ and ’15 Good Advices On Radio Advertising in 45 Minutes’ – a session on how to write and produce better radio commercials.
See more about the sessions and the conference on

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Station Consulting.

Full Service Production.
Radioguru works with talent, sales managers and the sales-/production staff to optimize both programming and the quality of the radio commercials.
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Radioguru produces high-end radio commercials in any language.
And leads you safely through all the fazes.
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Radioguru is owned and run by Palle Bo, who has more than 23 years experience.
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